fasting: improve your lifestyle

Through years of research and self-experimentation, I’ve come to believe that fasting, when done safely, is outstanding for your health. The safest way to

Salties Founder Wil Levine

The Benefits of Standing more

If I only have your attention for 12 seconds, here’s the takeaway; stop sitting. Still here? Heck yeah. Let’s dive into the details of why sitting is bad, moving is good, and Salties is great.

Adding salt to water

Is drinking saltwater beneficial for you?

Let me answer your question with a question. Are you a human on a western diet? If so, then you’re probably dehydrated, and you probably need saltwater. Mainstream beverages, while tasty, have lackluster nutritional values and actually increase your thirst.

Top 5 Facts From the Salties Bible

The Salties bible is an ever-growing synopsis of over 500 publications that help unravel the impact of salt and your favorite electrolyte drink, Salties.

You need more salt than you think

Salt is an essential nutrient, that means the body can’t generate salt by itself, it needs to come from an outside source. The term “essential-nutrient” really doesn’t do salt the justice it deserves.

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Salties Founder Wil Levine
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