Reclaim your hydration

Salties (founded 2020) is an alternative beverage manufacturer, aiming to educate and hydrate the United States using the many benefits of electrolyte infused saltwater. Mainstream products are not cutting it, and we’re here to fix that problem.

Simply put, we’re the best hydration product out there. Salties gives you the energy you need while rehydrating you at the same time—providing you with a profound experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Drink Salties and reclaim your hydration!

Our product

What is Salties? Salties is a gluten free, non-gmo, naturally flavored, electrolyte infused saltwater dropper. It’s also vegan friendly and keto friendly, as well as a great way to stay hydrated during intensive exercise or sport. 

Do you do intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting? Salties is a great way to keep your electrolytes balanced, so you are easily able to obtain your goals, and maintain your fasting lifestyle.

Are you looking for an electrolyte dropper that is healthy for your body, but is also flavorless? Drink Salties and experience our superior hydration with premium ingredients and amazing flavors.

Premium ingredients

Painstaking effort goes in to the science of our flavors. We spend a considerable amount of time sourcing the best ingredients possible to get the desired result in the taste of Salties. The delicious taste of Salties is no accident, our clean and properly sourced ingredients deliver an amazing taste experience.

superior hydration

Using our best ingredients, we synthesize a superior source of hydration that wont let you down. Our hydration method is superior to all other products, the results will definitely show.

amazing flavors

Our commitment to our great flavors is bar none. Our effort in selecting the best flavors for aroma, note, and tone creates an amazing taste experience that cannot be compared to other beverages.

simple ingredients, tasty beverage

Salties is a great source of the electrolytes your body needs to excel. Each dropper is packed full of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Replenish your electrolytes. Stay balanced. Add Salties do your daily routine.

Our commitment


We are dedicated to consistently adapting new packaging and technology that makes for a more sustainable and well rounded product. It is very important that our sourced ingredients as well as our manufacturing process is waste free, with a limited carbon footprint.


We are dedicated to giving back to our communities across the country, to help make a more equitable and happy environment for all Americans. Not only do we believe in supplying a great product, we also want to see our local communities flourish.


What is best for our company as well as our country is that all Americans are given equal opportunity and access to jobs. We are dedicated to hiring Americans and supporting the American economy.

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