5 reasons you need Salties while intermittent fasting

Now that you know that drinking saltwater is beneficial for you, do you want to drop the excess fat and feel great while doing it? Then look no further than the five tips in this post. Salties is the perfect beverage to restore your electrolytes while intermittent fasting. The reasons being that:

Intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting diets will cause massive electrolyte loss

This loss of electrolytes isn’t bad; it’s a normal physiological response to fasting. As your fasted time increases, you’ll encounter losses of both salt and water from your body. This will cause an increase in the need for electrolytes. Simply consuming electrolytes in liquid form (Salties) will replenish your body of those essential nutrients and hold you over until you break your fast. If you let your fast go on without supplementing electrolytes, you could encounter unpleasant effects like headaches, dehydration, and irritability.

Salties is one of the only food products you can consume while fasting

Intermittent fasting can suck; trust me, I’ve been there plenty of times. I’ll go about my fasted day and feel a sudden urge to eat or drink something, but everything seems to break me out of my fast. Even a single almond would screw up everything! This is really where Salties really shines. It’s a simple mixture of three types of essential nutrients, citric acid and natural flavoring. The three types of essential nutrients are a power-trifecta of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride. The citric acid (found in fruits) provides the perfect pop for the natural flavoring, and it’s all zero calories!

You can do more on fasting days with Salties

You don’t have to lay around and do nothing all day if you aren’t eating. People will say, “it’s not a good idea to exercise.” If they said that to their hunter-gatherer ancestors a few thousand years ago, they’d get a spear to the belly! Just kidding. My point is, if the body shut down after a day of not eating, we would’ve gone extinct by now. Depending on your activity levels, you could consume several cans of Salties a day with the energy you otherwise wouldn’t see while fasting.

In the vehicle of intermittent fasting, your fat tissue is petrol, and Salties is the oil

When you fast, your insulin (the storage hormone) is low. This means your body has chewed through its carb reserves and is now consuming that sweet adipose (a fancy word for fat) tissue for energy instead. But your body can’t do this on its own. It needs an outside source of nutrients to accomplish the task of burning fat flawlessly, and that “motor oil,” in this case, are the essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are something the body cannot produce but needs. Salties is the only beverage that provides a trifecta of bubbly potassium, magnesium, and sodium, all-in-one.

You’re a cutting-edge biohacker now, and you should brag about it

How cool is it to have this edge against all the health epidemics out there? If you’ve made it this far, you’ve chosen to take a stand against the mainstream food and beverage industry to reclaim your hydration (and your health). Not only are you controlling your eating frequency through intermittent fasting, but you’re also staying safe and hydrated in the process. That makes you pretty awesome. It’s essential to spread awareness that it’s not hard to stay healthy. It can be as simple as standing, walking, and drinking Salties. My mission is a simple one; hydrate the world. Join me on the journey and crack open an ice cold Salties!

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Is drinking saltwater beneficial for you?

Let me answer your question with a question. Are you a human on a western diet? If so, then you’re probably dehydrated, and you probably need saltwater. Mainstream beverages, while tasty, have lackluster nutritional values and actually increase your thirst.

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