The Benefits of Standing more

If I only have your attention for 12 seconds, here’s the takeaway; stop sitting. Still here? Heck yeah. Let’s dive into the details of why sitting is bad, moving is good, and Salties is great.

You have twenty-four hours in your day. How much of it is without motion? Your body was meant to move, and there are only so many hours in the day to do it. Eight are asleep. Sixteen or so are spent awake. But how many calories are burned sitting/standing/walking?

Calories burned per activity:
Sitting: 60-130 calories an hour
Standing: 100-200 calories an hour
Walking: 296-341 calories an hour [1]

Now we know that walking burns over five times the calories of sitting. You don’t even have to run! At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “How in the heck does Salties, my favorite carbonated saltwater drink, come into play?”

When you walk, you’re not only burning calories, but you’re also losing salt. Exercise stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls digestion. When that happens, you’ll find that “You need to have enough sodium in your diet each day to keep up with the sodium you lose in your urine and sweat.” [2] If you’re doing a full day of manual labor, you can burn 5,000 to 6,000 a day. If you’re in a hot climate, it can go up to 10,000.

All it takes is one hot/movement day to dehydrate yourself; you already know that. But do you know how to hydrate yourself properly? I’d be that if you asked 100 random people how to stay hydrated, 99% of them would say “drink water.” But that’s wrong. Ask yourself this; how do doctors rehydrate their patients? The answer is IV (intravenous) fluid. How do athletes rehydrate after cutting weight? IV fluid. What’s in IV fluid? It’s a simple mix of essential fluids and electrolytes. Primarily sodium chloride.

The good news is that Salties is a mixture of three powerhouse essential nutrients; we have sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium lactate. This electrolyte beverage will provide the following benefits:

• Cushion joints
• Maintain your heart health
• Increase your energy levels, concentration focus
• Turn your grumpy mood into a happy one
• Improves your body’s energy production
• Upkeep of nerve and muscle function
• Immune system boost
• Blood pressure regulation

You don’t have to get a drip-IV from a lab to reclaim your hydration. All you have to do is grab our PHD-crafted carbonated saltwater cocktail – Salties. That was a mouthful to say.

[1] The Truth Behind Standing Desks
[2] Exercise and Sodium

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