Top 5 Facts From the Salties Bible

The Salties bible is an ever-growing synopsis of over 500 publications that help unravel the impact of salt and your favorite electrolyte drink, Salties.

Tl;dr your organs need salt and the French can be blamed for the world’s health problems.

Salt fact #1: Your organs need salt to breathe. As your bodily salt levels decrease, your dehydration increases. If you’re running low on water and salt, your body will pull fluid from your blood plasma (water that contains electrolytes) to support its needs. Continuous loss of blood plasma will lower the amount of oxygen to your vital organs [1], including your brain. What I’m saying is you’ll get dumber if you don’t drink Salties.

Salt fact #2: Salt does not cause heart disease. As of 2020, the three countries with the lowest death rate from heart disease were Japan, France, and South Korea. On average, the French consume 8,700 mg [1], Japan 12,400 mg [2], and South Korea clocked in at 5,202 mg [3].

Salt fact #3: Two French bozos are responsible for the start of anti-salt hysteria. In 1904, Ambard and Beauchad promoted the idea that salt retention was a driver of edema and hypertension. They “proved” this by taking six poor test subjects and feeding them 18,000 milligrams of salt per day (five times the average sodium intake). Numerous publications followed for decades. Thanks, France.

Salt fact #4: Salt is one of our five innate taste sensations. Salt cravings are controlled by our bodies’ physiological needs, unlike sugar, produced by purely psychological needs. There’s no such thing as essential sugar, but there is essential salt.

Salt fact #5: All of these lead to low blood sodium

• Overconsumption of sugar
• Hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, congestive heart failur
• Medications such as diuretics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, certain diabetes drugs
• Coffee, energy drinks, teas risk salt loss because caffeine is a natural diuretic
• Intense exercise causes salt loss through sweat• Low carb and fasting diets cause loads of salt loss and water from our kidneys as your body flushes those water-retaining carbs Want to reclaim your hydration yet? Salties is here for you.

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