Salties log: From Kitchen to Commercial

The year was 2016. I was trying to burn off that last stubborn 15 pounds of belly fat. Attempting to lose the weight, I  was plagued with headaches and light headedness. I found out that this was due to a combination of exercise and caloric restriction. Continuing my research, I discovered that these were common traits of dehydration. But how could this be? I was drinking plenty of water. It turns out, that was precisely the issue. I learned that I was flushing my electrolytes with water! I asked myself, “What do doctors use to rehydrate their patients?” The answer was IV fluid. At its core, liquid IV is a mixture of water and salt, AKA electrolytes. Thus began my long process of perfecting a salt-infused kitchen recipe, which I dubbed “Salties.”

For a few years, I would schlep around a 2-liter container of electrolyte water. I would use the recipe to hydrate myself and occasionally my friends if they ever said they had a headache. Without fail, it would cure their headache instantly. But they would always find the taste unappealing. I developed my kitchen recipe further by adding flavoring. It was a hit. My social-circles consistently begged me for Salties. That’s when I realized that I had a viable product.

Now that I’ve told you what Salties is let me tell you what it can be. I’m well on my way to commercializing the product. I’m consulting with Ph.D. food scientists, locking down manufacturers, and testing new mixtures. This is a rigorous process that will take some time. I have an unwavering dedication to perfecting my product and getting it on the shelves.

Stay tuned for more carbonated saltwater.

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